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Available stock

Our production constantly keeps up with the flow of the market, and the changes it imposes, steering to match its new requirements, and with the human aspect involved in the creation of a product as special as our recycled cardboard.

That’s why our production management always keeps into consideration a surplus stock, as to ensure a steady supply for certain types of cardboard, tied to specific circumstances and needs.

In this page you will find the pallets count immediately available for purchase, in the formats and weights that have been set aside in the production plan.

Number of pallets available: 124

Stock detail: DOWNLOAD PDF

Usually we send a standard sample that includes the entire range of our cards, but we’ll be glad to take into consideration your specific indications on the type of need you have in terms of:

  • weight of the product
  • type of cardboard (smoothed or not)
  • desired formats
  • type of use

In this case, please specify all these characteristics in the “specifications” field.

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