A 2017 that has opened with significant cardboard increases cardboard for the “converter”, that are cartonufacturers and packaging consumers.

But what are the real causes of these increases?

Do always hide speculative attitudes or may could anticipate good news?

Two determinant reasons for the increase of  waste paper price in 2017

The Chinese government prevents paper mills from acquiring raw material from the domestic market, thus increasing import. The amount of waste paper on the European market therefore decreases, the shortage increases the price per ton.

The situation in Europe is exacerbated by the rise in demand for “waves” and, news opening of plants, further threatens the market equilibrium, sustaining the price growth trend.

Growing consumption: this is the real news

In this evolving scenario, there are signs of recovery and general improvement of the economy. It is therefore essential that all the operators in the industry cooperate in order to consolidate the market growth and development. The European Community highlights the need for a positive balance between increased recycling and export control. The paper recycling rate in Europe as analyzed by the European Recovered Paper Council (www.paperforrecycling.eu) is already rising, the goal for 2020 is reaching 74%. Important investments in the packaging sector are scheduled: among the news, we would like to point out that an Italian investor intends to convert the Burgo plant in Duino to produce packaging cardboard instead coated paper.

 Is it time to put oneself to the test again?

This announcement shows a recovery in attractiveness in our industry and re-introduces industry as the main socio-economic actor in community development, but only by investing you will see the best sought-after results.

Industry 4.0 calls, Cartiera Fornaci answers!

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