The perfect recycled cardboard exists.
Not only the technical characteristics achieve this perfection, but also the customer service which because we believe that the point is never only to supply goods, but above all, to anticipate and exceed customers’ expectations.



Recycled cardoard, but certified

This is an important starting point. Our cardboard for interlayer and packaging is multi-certified and our certifications have a specific purpose: to guarantee a safe and healthy product that shows the safety of the raw materials ‘origin and treatment.
Our cardboard is certified as:

ISEGA 42060 U 16: this is the certification that guarantees homologation for uses related to the packaging of foodstuffs and drinks. This ensures the absence of contaminating elements in the carton.

ReMade in Italy: we are the first paper mill in Italy to boast this certification that attests to the exact “recipe” of our interlayer and packaging cardboard. Specifically, the traceability of raw material flows is certified to guarantee maximum transparency of operations.

FSC: the certification that, par excellence, rewards environmental responsibility such as our carton for interlayer and packaging.



Periodic verification tests

If certifications are not enough to prove how important the environmental aspects and product responsibilities are for us, then here is a significant bonus.
In addition to the individual certification procedures for materials and processes, we periodically carry out verification tests with certified external laboratories, in order to monitor the actual/effective environmental impact and capacity of our cardboard to return harmoniously to circulation in the environment at the end of the product’s life.
All these analyses and their results are always available to our customers on request and periodically verifiable.


This characteristic is measured in Pascals, as the technicians of the sector know, and the value of our cardboard is really one of the highest on the market.
This is possible thanks to the production technology based on forming drums which can stack up to 10 layers of cardboard.
The result is that our cardboard is stronger and more durable.


The world’s packaging and interlayers are not all the same.
That’s why another of our strengths is to design and produce the cardboard that you need for specific applications. Mineral waters containers, for example, have different needs from tin and glass containers.
Rigidity, weight, strength and delamination are tailored to your packaging needs.


The warehouse storage of goods is a very important part of the processes that make up the efficiency chain, we understand this really well.
This is why we have refined our pallet set-up service in order to guarantee:

4-way/entrance customized pallets according to the sheet measure or EPAL resalable
600 × 800 mini-pallets – perfect for small products (small bottles or cans, for example)
Location and quantity of the labels agreed with your logistics disposal to facilitate the receipt
Pre-stretched film to protect the goods 100%, even during transport
Upon request, we are also able to acquire pallets for you or even make shipments abroad without pallets.